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About Us

Where it all began

Who are we ?

The Nest Children’s Foundation is a legally registered, non-profit, non commercial, non-governmental Community Based Organization focusing mainly in the welfare of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Siaya, in the Republic Of Kenya. TNC Foundation is a Christian Child Welfare Support organization dedicated to work with vulnerable children, families and communities to alleviate child suffering.

We envisage a society where every child will attain the highest attainable health and living standards, equal access to education,decent shelter,spiritual nourishment enshrined in the Biblical principles of Love as well as a world that will care for and protect its children from any form of, lack, harm, torture or threat:- A CHILD FRIENDLY WORLD

Our Objectives

Tackling Poverty

We seek to address the challenges the children from needy or disadvantaged pass through. We then develop initiatives and mechanisms to reach out to them through socio-emotional support, charitable donations and psychological support. 

Making Big Impact

Our Programs are geared towards getting the best out of the child. We reach out to children, as a way of extending Christ’s Love to them  by giving necessary, much needed help to the needy and vulnerable children through providing the best care to every child through home visits, supporting caregivers to build a healthy environment the kids need. We take this a call to serve humanity

Social Responsibility

We value the community in which we operate in,we endeavour to give back through integration,support and partnerships in community based initiatives and programmes. We aspire to be of benefit to the immediate community within which we operate, the stakeholders,the most needy and vulnerable children in our locality and the general public.

Building Communities

Building communities in which all children live with a loving adult caregiver in a safe family home with ease of access to food, health care, recreation and emotional support. By this we encourage caregivers to be available for the children, to provide all the basic needs and protect children from any bodily or psychological harm.

Child Social Welfare Services

Development of social work services that are sustainable to help map and identify the most needy and vulnerable children and develop a recovery manual/strategy so specific to the children, to limit with an aim of completely reducing the effects of the harm or lack ,while taking into account the child’s best interests. In this ,after identifying the need, we shall do home visits and subsequent follow-ups.

Preservation of Family Life

We care and protect children by preserving family life and preventing family disintegration/separation or acts within the family setups that may pose a threat to the child’s wellbeing both socially, economically, spiritually and psychologically through social development approach.We uphold the belief that children are best taken care of in their loving families in safe homes.


Want to get involved?

Would want to be part of this? Reach out to us today. We’ll be glad to have you on board.


You can be part of this noble initiative by supporting children within your locality. You can extend the love to children either socially, mentally, psychologically or even materially through donations and contributions towards children’s welfare.

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